In the Alevi tongue, Yvenmar means "home of the banished". It is a country taken from the Ardimans , peopled by the descendents of refugees in the wake of Alevmar's destruction, and culturally distict from the rest of the Fang. The Yven are dedicated to the worship of Irori, and value individual mastery as the greatest gift mortals may make to their god, their country, and themselves. Yvenmar houses some of the Fang's greatest shipwrights and bowmen, and has also produced countless painting masters and virtuosic musicians.

Establishment and Early HistoryEdit

In DM 1596, the bedraggled survivors of Alevmar's end landed on the western shore of the Fang, where the Crownless Wars had reached a bloody stalemate. Realizing his fragile position in this strange new land, the new-minted Yven king Souniad I played the Pharani rebels and Stratian generals against one another. Both groups were desparate for allies, which allowed Souniad to literally negotiate his country into existence. Yvenmar originally allied with Pharan in order to take most of Western Stratos, and formally established its borders at the war's end in the Jayena Accord.  

Thamatis and the Hall of GlassEdit

The Yven kings rule from the capital city of Thamatis. The city houses some of the best artisans in the Fang, and is known for its intricately carved wooden structures. Despite the level of craftsmanship on display in Thamatis, its most renowned feature is the royal palace known as the Hall of Glass. The Hall is covered inside and out with enormous mosaics depicting the glory and destruction of the lost homeland in Alevmar. The Hall serves as a reminder to the Yven kings, and to all of their subjects, of the glory of their heritage, the folly of their past, and the sacrifices made by their ancestors.