Located in the southeast of the Fang, Stratos (formerly the territory of Kingsmouth) is a proud land ruled by a strong people. The country is best known for its elite military, extensive code of law, and bustling port capital of New Ardiman.

Early HistoryEdit

At the end of the Great War of Ardiman, the newly-crowned Aiden I decreed that a territory be established around the city of Ardiman and its surrounding lands. This new territory would be called Kingsmouth and it would house the monarch's military as well as his councilors and advisors. Stretching almost 30 miles in all directions and bordered to the north by the sea, the territory of Kingsmouth provided the king's subjects with land to occupy when a royal summons was issued. This allowed both Aiden I and his successors to mobilize their armies swiftly and effectively.

At the beginning of the Crownless Wars, the city of Ardiman and the surrounding territory of Kingsmouth were the first to fall. Many of Iossar II 's most favored generals removed the aging king from power and established the nation of Stratos (as it is still known today.) While nearly all of the homes commissioned by Aiden I were razed during the Crownless Wars, many forgotten watchtowers still dot the landscape.

Recent EventsEdit

The arrival of the Behemoths shocked the city of New Ardiman in more ways than one. While the nation was not affected to the degree that Saltspire or Cinderhome were (see the Sinking of Saltspire and the destruction of Cinderhome), Stratos has found itself innundated with refugees from Saltspire.