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The northern side of Saltspire bordered by the nations of Stratos and Pharan.

Saltspire was a major Dwarven city situated between the borders of Stratos and Pharan and was renowned for its exhaustive salt mines. The city of Saltspire was known by many as a major hub of trade in the Crownless Lands, although it also functioned as the diplomatic arm of the Dwarven Imperium in that part of the world.


The city of Saltspire was established at the end of the Crownless Wars by the Dwarven Imperium in an effort to monitor and control trade in the territories south of the Imperium's border. Although much tension existed between Saltspire and the nations of Stratos and Pharan (both of which it shared borders with), these neighboring nations concluded that the presence of Saltspire was largely beneficial to their diplomatic and mercantile efforts with the Imperium. In its over-four-hundred years of existence, Saltspire did not experience a single attack from any organized nation.

The Sinking of SaltspireEdit

The second of the Behemoths to rise was the Hunger, a massive bat-like creature with enormous talons and no eyes. The Hunger arose from beneath Saltspire, ultimately causing the city--along with the great white peak from which it was named--to sink into the ground below. What remains of the city is now no more than a huge maw in the earth below, Saltspire's once-great towers lining the maw like teeth. Few venture into its depths, for none have ever returned.