is a Rogue Gnome from the southern region of Whiteroots. Born the 13th child in the sixth generation of the Gnimwerm tribe, he is believed by his tribe to be cursed. By the rules of tradition, Norven's parents must take their child to the Weeping Woods

Youth & UpbringingEdit

Shortly after Norven's abadonment ritual, he is found by a passing northern bandit group. The leader of the group, Grimwald, is familiar with the tribe's ritual and sympathizes with Norven. He takes Norven with him, and raises him under bandit law. He is given a name, and begun to be treated like family.

Friendship with ZyrolianEdit

Norvin discovers Zyrolian and they look for work together. Zyrolian attempts to incorporate Norvin in his act but that is highly unsuccessful. They see a help wanted sign and get a job from Ironbeard stealing a chalice from a local church. Everything goes to shit when Norvin steals a never-ending fire candle and accidently burns down the church.

Norvin's DissapearanceEdit

During an expidition with Ironbeard Acquisitions, Norvin was grabbed by an orc and taken hostage. His location while being held captive is unknown. 

Return of NorvenEdit

By managing to befriend one of his captors, Crog, Norvin escapes captivity and begins wandering the land in search of new adventures, with the dull hope of finding Zyrolian. He eventually comes across a treasure hunting company, who contracts him to recover The Heart of Fire from the Nethysian College