The Nethysian College is a host to many of the greatest magic users in the Crownless lands. When many uneducated magic users begin to develop their skills in the Crownless lands, a recruitment party is dispatched to try and convince the user to join the college. This helps the college keep tabs on the distribution of available magics across the realm as well as educating and molding the minds of arcanists. 


Most of the general population is unaware of in the innerworkings of magic, but almost all know of the Nethysian College. To most it is the ruling hand in the distribution of magic use and magic items throughout the Crownless Lands. It has become some what of unwritten law that to use magic outside of the college and to make magic items requires a sanctioning from the college itself. There are several stories of what happens to those who do not abid by these rules. Most believe that for those who knowingly disobey this rule there are special teams of arcanists who are dispatched by the college to directly disband or eradict these defilers.