Northern port, Mezzek City.

"All things are lawful, but not all things are profitable."

Mezzek City is the capital city of the People's Equitable Federation of Mezzek and the largest port in the Crownless Lands. Founded by merchants and sellswords, the people of Mezzek City are staunchly opposed to government rule and regulation. As a result of their location at the northern tip of the Fang, Mezzek City has become the central hub of trade, innovation, and crime in the Crownless Lands.


While historians disagree on the exact date of the creation of Mezzek City, many agree that it was the first city to be established after the breaking of Ardiman (a fact that is fiercely contested by the scholars of Pharan). Shortly after its establishment, the citizens of Mezzek City called for a temporary council to be instituted in order to deal with the increasing encroachment of the Children of Pharan into Mezzeki territory. The council, originally intended to be temporary, ended up becoming a central part of Mezzeki government and became known as the Council of the Thirteen.