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Lugo the Wanderer engaged in combat with Niva mo Graz.

Lugo the Wanderer is a prominent character in the gnomish folklore and mythology of the Whiteroots. He is almost always presented as a gnome of slight statue who wields a small wand or staff. While the tales associated with Lugo the Wanderer are shared most frequently amongst gnomes, the character has also become popular among children of other races.

Historical BasisEdit

Scholars of the Nethysian College generally agree that there is some historical basis for the character of Lugo the Wanderer, but many disagree about the origins of the myth. In some human versions of the story, Lugo is presented as a human dwarf that wanders the world giving gifts and doing favors for the common folk. Dwarven accounts of the myth depict Lugo as a vile trickster who causes havok in the lives of noble dwarven heroes. Nearly all of the dwarven accounts conclude with Lugo being caught and admonished in various ways; most commonly, Lugo is imprisioned and banished to live in the cold wastelands of the Whiteroots.