The Crazed King of Sol Kusar, properly known as King Derias, was driven mad by what he raves as phrophetic visions of the end of the world. Now the ruler of Sol Kusar, he rules with surprising wisdom, but a maddening tongue. Derias' insatiable insanity and dealings with the unforgiving territory surrounding his city make him easily one of the most dangerous and unpredictable people in the realm.

The Merchant of NowhereEdit

Derias used to be a merchant who traveled between city's of the desert continent, until one day, some 10 years ago, his caravan was attacked by a group of bandits who left him for dead. He was lost in the desert of Hutaru for a year before he managed to find his way back to civilization. When he returned, he was muttering apocrypha like another language.

The Foreseeing AdvisorEdit

Derias wondered the streets of Sol Kusar as a homeless lunatic for several months before being passed by King Surok, Derias' now late half-orc predessesor. Derias' grabbed him by the arm and told him, "Choose your heir wisely or you're mark will be erased from the earth as the pale moon passes on the 5th year of this day". King Surok was not known for superstition, but he recognized a powerful oracle of Pharasma when he saw one. He took on Derias as his royale advisor. Derias' servered King Surok until his death when King Surok died from an illness when informed of his brother's death. Surok named Derias', his closest friend, as the new king.

The Death of a Tengu, The Birth of a KingEdit

Derias' morned the loss of Surok, but knew he had no time to recover. He took the role seriously, but did not let it dull his wit or cleverness. In battle he has shown unmatched tactical knowledge. He is known to not be messed with when it comes to games of strategy and gambling.

Crown in the Crownless LandsEdit

King Derias is known among the nobility of the Crownless Lands due to his frequent travels through the area. He is known for affiliating with the Nethysian College and nobility in Pharan, Yvenmar, and Stratos. He is also considered a friend to Gavin Hunter. He also has bad blood with the crime lords of the Devil's Belly on the Rebel Isle, but has not gone to war due to a lack of desire on his part. It remains a point of friction, but relations remain one of avoidance.