Haunted Library by LuckyMunky

Personal library of Shalamar, witch of Yvenmar.

The following is a list of written works commonly found in the Crownless Lands.


  • Kingdoms and Empires by Various Authors (two volumes)
  • The Accounts of the Elf-war and the Peace That Followed
  • The Sealing of the Seven by Anonymous (mainly found in Yvenmar)

Myths and StoriesEdit

  • A Pact Made in Blood
  • Noit Netta a novel by Yap Uepohi

Religious WorksEdit

  • The Feldspar by Various Authors (contains the following works)
  1. Hammerfall by Hecktor Stonetongue
  2. Southern Sojurn by Hecktor Stonetongue
  3. Firstlight Found by Hecktor Stonetongue
    • My Departure (in some editions, His Departure), a letter by Hecktor Stonetongue. Commonly placed between books 3 and 4 of The Feldspar​.
  4. The Line of Velmaark by Mellún Stonetongue
  5. Stonetongue Prophesies by Hecktor Stonetongue
  6. Annals of the Empire by Various Authors
  7. The Fall of Velmaark by Kerrick Cinderborn
  8. Judgements by Unknown Author
  9. The Dread Rebellion by Various Authors
  10. Velmaark Restored by Various Authors
  11. Expansions of the Imperium by Various Authors
  12. Ends by Hecktor Stonetongue, compiled by Mellún Stonetongue.
  • The Final Prophesy of Hecktor Stonetongue (an apocryphal work, considered by many to be heretical)