"As stone is carved with a hammer and chisel, our grand Imperium is carved from this land with unwavering faith and the steel of dreadnoughts." - Ogunum Magni, dwarven historian

An Imperial Dreadnought in ceremonial gilded armor.

Founded in 1323 DM at the beginning of the Second Stag War, the Imperial Dreadnought Order is the most renowned fighting force in the history of the Dwarven Imperium. Primarily an infantry outfit, the dreadnoughts are exemplars of the Dwarven war machine. Stories beyond count tell of heavily armored and highly trained dreadnoughts destroying much larger forces. If the rumors are to be believed,the Dreadnought Order adopted the use of their signature halberds in order to fight effectively over piles of their dead foes.

Though its infantry is by far more iconic, the Order is known to field more lightly-armored scouts to keep its slow-moving forces from falling prey to ambushes and guerilla efforts.