The wedding day of Lord Byron and Lady Madeline

The House of Hunter
is one of the older noble families in New Ardiman. Known for its long line of military men, the women of this family are often prolific artisans. Lady Madeline Hunter, for example, is a well known writer in New Ardiman mostly, but her writings can be found in corners of the Crownless Lands. Magic is of little concern to the Hunter bloodline. The epitomy of the House of Hunter is strength, honor, and prowess of all kinds.

Family TreeEdit

The House of Hunter is currently ruled by Lord Byron Hunter and his wife, Madeline Hunter. They gave birth to three sons, Markus, Simeon, and Gavin. Lord Byron's father Gavin Hunter was an excentric and, in his later years, became madly obsessed with the use of magic. Very little is known of Grandpa Gavin and his unearthly experiments. The ancestors of the House of Hunter were great generals and naval officers. It is said that the original Hunter, who migrated to Stratos just before the Crownless Wars, rose through the ranks with great ferver until the Hunter family was knighted and crowned nobility. Before this ancestor, little is known of where the Hunter family originated from.