Off the western shore of the Rebel Isle there is an island were even the baddest criminals steer clear of. It has become more of a cultural custom than anything else. There are few reasons that a passerby can say as to why people don't go to the Horizon's Wraith. Very little is actually known about this small island except that it has been abandoned for at least ten years.

The Wraith's VoyagerEdit

Some say that under the shroud of fog on a moonless night, a small boat can be seen passing between the island and the mainland. No one has ever seen the captain of this small vessel or what bounty it carries. It has never been seen docking in the Devil's Belly. Although many may claim to have seen this ghostly ship and it's captain, which is mostly a concotion of ghastly horrors, no two stories are ever alike so most people accept all these stories as fictitious.