Gavin Hunter, presenility


Little is known of Gavin Hunter. He is the father of Lord Byron Hunter and granfather to the Hunter boys. He was a military advisor during his ruling years of the House of Hunter, but, after his son took up rulership of the family name, he slipped into seclusion on the outskirts of New Ardiman.

The Man, The Myth, The LegendEdit

In his seclusion, Grandpa Gavin began to experiment with magic. He was known in some circles for being highly experimental and focusing on what even the Nethysian College labeled as "fringe practices". Some say that he even had running favors from and for otherworldly beings, even demons. Much of the rumors that surround him and his wildly ecentric manor are still unconfirmed even after his allegid death. Many of the citizens of New Ardiman still stear clear of Gavin Hunter's Manor, some out of fear that it is haunted and some out of pure tradition.

Known AffiliationsEdit

Gavin Hunter was a well known traveler, scouring the glob for many things to advance his research. Along the way he has made several affiliations.While there are many people who are unfamiliar with Gavin Hunter, outside of the stories that surround him, there are several people in the world who can claim that they are friends, colleagues, or enemies. The Crazed King of Sol Kusar, King Derias, has claimed on several accounts that he is a befriended affiliate of Gavin's. Often when Grandpa Gavin would go missing, King Derias would request aid from the Hunter's to find him in times of need. The Nethysian College has also requested his input on several occasions and Grandpa Gavin of their's. While speaking with his favorite grandson, Gavin Hunter, and regaling him with tales of magic he would mention names that young Gavin would later came to remember. Some of these include the lands of Sol Kusar, Lugo the Wanderer, and Jingle.