Environments- The north is warm while the south is cold. Distance does mean something. Boarders are not rigid.

         Religions- all gods actually existed.

        Natheysian College- Hogwarts of The Crownless Kingdoms. Politically independent from the rest of the     Kingdoms.

        Dwarvin Imperium- They have a known united empire.  They are expanding constantly. Known for being highly industrialists. Much like the historic Roman Empire.

        Lost Territory- Orcs live there

        Mazeque - Located in the North. Run by a Hutt (Star Wars) like Cartel. Seedy place. Traders. Patricians. Politicians. Made up of islands. Major city on mainland.  Focus on trade. Free environment. Liberty. Climate warmest.

Mezoon- Island off coast of Mazeque. Monks live there. Monastery. Meditation. They all have different beliefs based on gods and goddesses.

Pharon- Located in the North but is south of Mazeque. Pharon is a Theocracy. Matriarchal. Lead by the mother (prophet) Pharasma- goddess of death and birth. Dies and is reborn.  Stable region. Agricultural. Valley. Fertile. Community is based on religious ideal.

Yvenmar- Located in the Midwest of the Crownless Kingdoms. People from across the sea during civil war. Ship builders. Bowmen. There is much animosity toward them because they took land during the time of the divide. They are culturally distinct from the other human nations. Different religions. Religions- god aurorae (god of self perfection) Potential of the individual is limitless. Achievable end. Hereditary monarchy.

Stratos- Located in the Mideast of the Crownless Kingdoms Military governorship. Opposed to kingship. Stratos has a tense relationship with Dwarven Imperium because they border each other. (Cold War) Governor general is not seen much.

Capital - New Artima (Largest metropolis) Villages with mayors. Suspicious people. Being a soldier is the highest honor in Stratos. Maintaining balance.

Whiteroots- Located in the very south of the Crownless Kingdoms. Gnomish territory. Council of ten. Council changes on who owns what business. Council meets at Laren's Peek. Very cold. Inhabitants have learned to adapt. Gnomes value cleverness.  Resourcefulness.  Mts. Are new geologically 5000 yrs. Old. Mostly bad stuff.

History- Used to be one ruler and one culture called Artiman 400 years ago their was an uprising that split nation apart. People came across the sea. “Home was destroyed” Created Yvenmar.

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