Geoffrey Devenpeck

Geoffrey Devenpeck in standard Ethysian College Lower Order robes

Geoffrey Devenpeck is a Wizard born in Mezzek to a family of poor fishermen. With his magical talent revealed at the very early age of 5, most of his life has been spent inside the walls of the Nethysian College, save a few excursions for practical learning. He graduated late from the college at 22 in the Lower Order of Conjuration. He was denied any job at the campus and was forced to go out into The Crownless Lands to make use of his talents. He is often seen with his hawk familiar, Benno.

Before The CollegeEdit

The Devenpecks were poor fishermen and lived in the West Harbour in Mezzec. They were delighted upon being contacted by The College and sent their son off as soon as they could in the hopes of a better life for him. Geoffrey remebers little about his life in Mezzek and has done his best to cut all ties with his lower class life.

College LifeEdit

Geoffrey thrived at the college, the hustle and bustle, head down atmosphere suiting him well. Doing his best to blend, he soon found himself among the upper echelon of the College. He proved to be a fine student and a quick learner of all schools of magic, though he would eventually choose Conjuration for his concentration, denying Necromancy and Divination in his studies. Proffesors of Geoffrey would say that he was unremarkable in most ways except that he found most types of offensive magic distasteful.

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