The Dwarven Imperium (commonly referred to as the Imperium) is a large dwarven empire which lies to the east of the Fang. Led by Emperor Velmaark XIV, the Imperium is a largely expansionist empire whose northernmost border stretches to the Earthbelt and whose eastern border meets the Great Southern Sea.


After the coming of the dwarves (in what would later be known as the Fall of the Hammer), the dwarves moved south in order to find the land promised to them in the seventh prophesy of Hektor Stonetongue. Seventy-eight years later, the dwarves founded the twin cities of Firstlight and Cinderhome around the mountains of Daegrút and Saegris. In the centuriies following the establsihment of the sister cities, the Imperium spread steadily south and east, conquering new territories and subjugating the Halfling Stagfolk and many other races. At some point between the fall of New Ardiman and the establishment of Stratos, the dwarves seized the mountain of Saltspire, making it the westernmost territory of the Dwarven Imperium and the central hub of dwarven trade in the Crownless Lands.


Unlike the human lands to the west, the military force of the Dwarven Imperium is exclusively made up of a single race--dwarves. While not regarded as the most powerful force in the Crownless Lands, the Imperium's military is considered to be the largest. The Dwarven military ideals of organization and martial expertise are exemplified in the Imperium's storied Dreadnoughts .

Present ConflictsEdit

The source of most of the Imperium's conflict occurs where the Imperium's southern border meets the Lost Territory . Orcish tribes from the Lost Territory have slowly become more of a nuisance in recent years.