The Devil's Belly
Titles The Belly, Gozreh's Tomb
Nation The Rebel Isle
Size Metropolis
Population 140,500
Demographics Unknown
Government The Crime Lords
Alignment Chaotic Neutral
Ruler Crime Lords

The Devil's Belly is a vast city covering the majority of The Rebel Isle's mainland. It is a distopia or misfits from the rest of the known world. The Devil's Belly is also the major factor for the naming of the Rebel Isle. An entangled web of winding streets and back alleys where blood money is on the upswing more and more every day. Many of it's inhabitants come to the city to escape the spiteful hand of the law as well as to escape other vengeful spirits that most of them left back home. Rogues, criminals, and swindlers making up the majority of its population, finding innocent hearts and clean hands are diamonds in the rough. Surivial is the prime directive in this seedy underbelly of the world. Thos who hold true to a moral compass exist but have only survived by hiding well or being too powerful to cross.